The strength of our firm

The tradition
based on over 40 years of experience in the sector, clients all over the world, comprehensive attention to the product, technological innovation, new materials and first-rate performances in the various sectors of use.

The quality
of the products guaranteed by careful manufacturing, by the continuous control of the production systems, by regular tests and by the experimentation and use of our products in thirty different countries, under the most varied and hostile environmental conditions.

The service
Our mission is to produce wheels of excellent quality.
Fira offers a wide range of products, a full, excellent service and swift response times.

The globalization
of the market has always been at the centre of the company’s production: for over forty years FIRA has been successfully exporting in every continent and in thirty different countries as a whole.

The trademark
FIRA® guarantees the high quality of its products and qualified assistance to its clients.